3 juni 2018

I am back!

 Where the streets have no names? "Have you heard what´s happened in Sweden, Sweden...". Since that comment I can´t recognize the debate and I se the gap between the stories who are told in our society. WE have a right-wing conservative and nationalistic party called Sverigedemokraterna. The love to tell everyone who want to listen how bad Sweden has become? Sweden?

It´s strange that a nationalistic  party try to - spread rumors about the country the say they "love"? We have build our Sweden on values as welcoming, opens and inclusion. We build our country on innovation, trade, welfare, sustainability and education.

Not all of us are stupid or socialists - we are Liberals!

It is good with multicultural groups when you want creativity and development!


PS Mr President Trump - don´t tweet about us, PLEASE DS

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