4 augusti 2011

Lesson 1 by Olle Johansson

My Grandfather was my hero when he was alive and still is! He would have been 112 years and full of knowledge, humor and spirit!

He once caught me in the strawberry field when I was 6 - smoking one of my uncles ciggarets! But he promised me never to tell my parents or grandmother . that promise he keep his whole life and I am gratefull of that! I promies him never to smoke cigarets again and I still keeping it!

He told me - by learning to say thank you and hello in other persons mothertone - the person you meet will see you as a nice guy! That works and I use it very often - last time tonight at Restaurant Söder Gruvan in Stockholm - were we in this way got very good service through "tesekküler" and "merhaba" (Turkish).

My explanation is when you show genuine interest in a nother person - this is one of the keys to build trust very fast! And I promiese you that we will get very good ervice the next time too!

8 languages: (hello / thank you):
danish: hej/tak
finish: hyvää päivää
afrikaans: goeie dag/dankie
hungerian: jó napot kívánok/köszönöm
filipino: magandang araw / salamat
hindi: Acchä dina or Namastë / Dhan'yaväda
mandarin: Nín hauo / Gaunxi'e or che che
arabic (phonetic) herr-haba / shack-ara

bonuses for following my blog:
icelandic: gódan dag / takk
japanese: Kon'nichiwa / arrigatho or kanshan

If you test this I can promise you to get excellent service and a growing trust in the world! You will get a lot of smiles!

In the weekend you will get lesson number two! Be careful out there and dare to test!

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