21 juni 2014


A song by U2, a children singing or Monty Python - or life it self!

Yesterday was a really silent day and night - all people - Stockholmare have left Stockholm (almost) - left was tourists - who I gladly helped by showing them their way! In the "Stockholm dungel" - A met persons from India, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, China, Polen, Russia - and got up dated results even with out - looking at the TV.

The food on the picture has nothing
to do with the food yesterday!
I started with breakfast at McDonalds at Slussen at 06.30! I am really surprised that they close down the part of the restaurang with the best view? Is McDonalds in trouble or do the earn to much money? Who knows? They have´nt seen "Falling down" - until now!

THEN I REMEMBERED - "Pass It Forward!"
Yesterday It was Midsummer in Sweden - a important day for us - for family and friends! But all are not so fortunate - I great lonely people I met during my walk down town Stockholm!

When I was at the Central station - the firing alarm went on - and I hurried out - but a lot of people showed no reaction at all - a old lady in a wheel chair asked people passing by to help her but only I and a lady in a nikab - stopped and helped her to the ground floor! I ask her were she want to go! She want med to drive here outside and call for
a cab! Outside I find personal from the company SJ who I asked to help her! And they did!

Close to the City Hall I find the "grave of Birger Jarl" - I guided a group of chinese touists and told them about Birger Jarl - Swedens Gengis Khan. They was most impressed that I know some mandarin!

I met a old man who has had a tuff life and waited for him at the elevator so he could go withe me to the entrance - and wished him a great Midsummer!

I met a couple of nice people who was working - Alex at McDonalds - the cleaners at McDoldnads who let me in the closed area with the beautiful view at McDonalds! Hanna at Märlardrottningen on Riddarholmen - she is a excellent service person! The Girls at Barista - who gave me a free - Latte Vanilla after the firing alarm was back to normal!

It has´nt been the best weather - but smiles can also light up the day!

Give the World a Smile and the world will smile back on you!

Why do´nt give people a hug? Another time another Midsommer! Have a nice day!

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