21 juni 2014

Do you know what TURF-ing is? IS YOU "TURF"?

IT IS BETTER - even better than 5:2-diet! It MAKES ME WALK!

IT MAKES me see places I have´nt seen until now - during my 20 years in Stockholm! Yesterday I visit Birger Jarls - grave outside the City Hall of Stockholm with some chinese tourist - it´s ended up that I told them about the history behind Birger Jarl and showed them TURF. BUT they was most impressed by my mandarin :)

IT MAKES me meet people I would have´nt met if I was not using TURF.

IT GIVES ME POINTs 37894 so far- so now I am 73 place in Stockholm, 516 in Sweden and 527 in the World!

It is using the GPS system and has a excellent map and navigation function! But it "eating" battery!!!

I met other players :)

This game get me to stop one subway station before just - to get some more point´s!

SO LET TURF you TOO! It some thing like ...

WARNING it is a Outdoor addiction!

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