14 juli 2013

News from China Daily - European Weekly!

 "STATE OF THE ECONOMY - Amid debate of reforms of state-owned enterprises, some argue they are indispensable while others belive they are dinosaurs"

"It´s not ownership but performance. We risk being undervalued, says chief of state-owned enterprise in industrial hearthland."

"All power to China´s entrepreneurs. Futher opening-up to private enterprise will be for the public good."

"Socialist business model work best. State-owned enterprises have been the architects of China´s strong economic growth."

"A softer attitude to slower growth. China´s new economic policy regime may lead to lower but more sustainable development."

"Why China can bring lasting riches. Cross-cultural understanding is critical if big business partners are to development that special relationship."

"Falling back in the field. Chinese sportwear makers are struggling and starting to gramp in the race for profits."

"Testing ground for development. EU firms scent huge opportunities in China´s clean technology market"

"Kingdom of Bicycles´ rases again. China is again switching gears after the once-ubiquitous bike makes a comeback as private car ownership clogs the transport grid."

Source: China Daily - European weekly

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