11 oktober 2012

How will the Future Leadership looks like?

The seminars on 12th october - 13th october
ANDERS FLODSTRÖM is vice-chairman of the board and a member of the Executive Committee of EIT, the European Institute of Innovation and Technology. He was previously the University Chancellor at the Swedish National Agency for Higher Education, overseeing all universities. He was President at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm and at Linköping University

John Hargelid - Executive Vice President, Paradox Interactive, The young crew is performing on Gazelle levels, and changes how customers are interacting with games and experiencing entertainment. This challenge requires everyone on the team to constantly learn new things and accept change as part of their daily routine. 

Kenneth Chen, PwcKenneth studied Business Adminstration from the University of California, Berkeley and pursued a career with PwC since he knew that the Firm offered great opportunities for international exchanges

Amir Sajadi, Brain.Heart.Cash: Amir will talk about profitable investments in humans and capital to develop positive change in society.

Simon Herlitz, Corporate Storytelling for young entreprenours: My passion has always been to work with people’s communication, and their roles and stories. Often from the theatre stage, but now mostly on the commercial stage. With companies. 

Annica Thorberg, Impact of social media:
The company specializes in helping B2B companies primarily that wants to grow smarter and faster than the competitors by concentrating their activities on building so-called inbound links, drive more traffic to their website and convert visitors into leads. Annica Thorberg has more than 20 years of experience in business and strategic planning, marketing, communications, sales, public relations and has been active herself and through own companies in social media since 2003.

Katarina Åhlin, Wise GroupRecruitment of the next generation: Katarina Åhlin berättar i sin roll om hennes syn på rekrytering idag och vad man kan behöva tänka på som ledare för nästa generation!

Lars-Johan Åge - How to create a strong and effective sales culture?
Lars-Johan Åge, PhD at Stockholm School of Economics, presents his latest study on the topic sales culture and leadership

Robbert van Waart, JCI Vice President:  As JCI Vice President, van Waart believes that, in a world facing so many challenges, a critical mass of young active citizens is needed now more than ever to provide solutions to global problems. In a highly interdependent world, it is the responsibility of JCI to engage young people to take the future of their communities, their countries and the world at large into their own hands.
 JCI empowers young people with the tools, resources and opportunities to create change through targeted action. 

Cecilia Andrén Nyström, TOYP-winner: Cecilia started less than a year ago the project Futebol da forca (football gives strength) in Mozambique. The project aims to increase girls' self-esteem and promote their rights through playing football. She started herself as the only coach of a girls' team, but currently has 148 trained volonteer coaches - young men & women (!) - who coaches 3000 girls throughout Mozambique. 

Martin Westerlin, Catch and activate your members with following up: This training for persons how what's to get more people join their events or projects. Content from training * Opening * Challenges * Strategies for Solutions

Cecilia Öman, Action 10
Cecilia believes that extreme poverty can be eradicated. She sees it as a shame that some people have to manage with less than one dollar per day when others have more than they handle. So what to do? Aid programs have been struggling for 40 years with the dilemma. Cecilia argues that extreme poverty eradication should be an important task for the new generation of leaders. Action10 proposes an innovative strategy which builds on needs driven programs, equal partnership, sustainable economy, knowledge sharing, resilience, harmony, truth and trust.

Martin Gustafsson, NLP:
In this course, we work with some selected 
NLP tools and explores how you can use them to become a better leader. NLP is a method of self-leadership, communication and achieving results.

Ebba Krumlinde & Ann-Lis Svensson, Young leaders as drivers for change. CSR, Ethical Corporations.
The seminar will provide insight in how we as citizens, employees and business leaders can demand ethical behavior and sustainable business. After a short warming up, we will have a dynamic dialogue in an open space environment. 


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