1 juni 2013

CrossTalks from Stockholms University, Sweden, - Where great minds meet

CrossTalks - where great minds meet 
"The life science revelution, biomedical technology and future medicine
* Gunnar von HeijneProfessor at the Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics at Stockholm University
*  Jochen SchenkAssociate Professor in Translational Proteomics at the School of Biotechnology, KTH Royal Institute of Technology
* Susan LindquistWorld leader in the study of protein folding
* Wouter van der WijngaaLeading the bio-, micro- and nanofluidics research at the KTH Microsystem Technology Lab

 "Challanges and possibilities for the society of tomorrow"
* Andrew ByerleyAndrew Byerley is lecturer and researcher at the Department of Human Geography, Stockholm University, and at the Nordic Africa Institute (NAI), Uppsala.
* Katja GrillnerProfessor of Critical Studies in Architecture and Director of Architecture in Effect
* Tommy JensenProfessor in Management and Organization Theory at the School of Business at Stockholm University
* Ash AminProfessor of Geography at University of Cambridge

"What is the future of the man in the universe?"
* Åsa WikforssProfessor at the Department of Philosophy at Stockholm University
* Carl-Mikael ZetterlingProfessor, Department of Integrated Devices and Circuits, Vice Dean of School of Information and Communication Technology, KTH
* Göran ÖstlinProfessor of Astronomy and the current director at the Department of Astronomy at Stockholm University
* Jenn GusteticChallenges and Prizes Program Executive at NASA
* Will PomerantzVice President for Special Projects at Virgin Galactic

Former events:
24th of February
"Global inequality and global health. Are we up to the challange?"
"What is the ultimate destiny of man and robot?"
"Is physics changing our understanding world?"

20th of November
"How can we save capitalism?"
"The battle for entrepreneurs"
"How to save the world"

This is a very good example of how to share knowledge, interaction online and withe live audience, a lot of good questions from the moderator Johanna Koljonen.

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