1 januari 2018

Kiss the frog and make a WISH... (in English)

"I believe I could fly" - maybe I have to think again? Some clever person ones said that "when it´s looks to good to bee true it often is".

I want to buy a clock, shoes, computer-memory and a jacket. The prize was something like 780 SEK. But when I went to "close" the deal and the prize was now 1080 SEK, which is up 35%. My relation with WISH is ZERO. When they then asked med for my personal number - you come to close!
I ... "runned" and close the page. NO business - not because it was expensive - not because it was ugly - because the "deal" - prize"- changed during the process. A other thing is there cooperation with KLARNA who I have heard ugly stories about. For we it would have been better if the delivery cost was included  at the first time. Then WISH wanted me to give to mush unnecessary information and then it was STOP!

One moment I thought it was a IKEA company because it was such excellence and so  fantastic prizes but the with the changing prizes I realized it was not possible. I believe in the idea - but to get me as a costumer you have too be more transparent. What happens if something disapere from China?

How long wold it take for al items to be delivered home? One item should not be on stock until 24th of January! And if... some package would be lost on their way? Then it would be Summer in Sweden.

"I believed I could fly. I believed I could reach the sky." - but I am still standing with my money in my hand and no extra problems". 

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